How to remove dog hair from your car?

We all love having dogs as pets, but keeping your house or cars clean after they leave can be a huge hassle. If you are one of those unfortunate dog owners who have to deal with bundles of hair being shed every now and then, especially in your car, then we have got just the tips for you.

Removing hair from your car can be a bit tricky since all the crook and crannies are not easily accessible in a car. But there are multiple tips that you can follow to make this an easier task.

The type of hair that your dog sheds and the material of your car’s seats and carpets are both important in understanding how to remove the dog hair that accumulates in your car. The carpet in the trunk has tougher strands, removing hair from these could be very difficult. However, the carpet placed on the base of the car for the driver and passengers have shorter strands from which removing hair is easier.

For such carpets, with short strands, a vacuum would do the trick. It could very easily remove all of the hair lodged in the carpet. But for carpets with tougher strands, you should ideally start off with blowing it with compressed air. This can help pry the loose hair free first. The constant blowing of compressed air can also loosen up the strands of hair lodged deep inside the carpet.

If you do not have a compressed air source like a leaf blower, you can still move on to the next step. Removing such hair would be difficult but not impossible.

Next, you can either use a rubber broom, rubber gloves or Fur-zoff stone. You now need to use any of these items to physically remove the hair from the carpet. You can trace your rubber glove clad hand along the strands where the hair is stuck or alternatively you could also use the rubber broom.

The rubber glove and broom develop a static charge when they are rubbed on to the carpet. These static charges will attract the hair towards them. Once the hair is stuck on them you can dip the glove or the broom in a bucket full of water and shake off all the hair. You can also brush the carpet in the direction of a running vacuum so that all of the hair that comes loose gets sucked in by the vacuum.

The Fur-Zoff Stone is one of many customized dog care products. It is known for its extreme durability and is made up mostly of recycled materials. This is mainly why many dog owners prefer to use this over the gloves and broom.

But you can make your life marginally easier if you brush your pet on a regular basis. By regularly brushing your pet’s hair you can not only make sure that it doesn’t shed huge amounts of hair but also ascertain that your dog has healthy fur and skin.

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