Coilovers is a term commonly heard between performance car modders, and is considered as one of the first and most important modifications to be done when you are modifying your vehicle. Coilovers is short for “coil spring over shock”. It has a shock absorber, with a coil spring encircling it. They are assembled as a unit before installation, and are also replaced as a unit when a shock absorber has leaked.

Coilovers have very significant benefits over traditional suspensions as they provide a tighter packaging for shocks and springs, offer easy replacement with aftermarket coilovers and also offer many adjustment including ride height for one’s preference. However, coilovers may also increase the shock wear dure to spring side load, also increasing shock bushing wear, also more expensive to manufacture than separate shock and spring.

Some coilovers allow for adjustment of ride height and preload, using a simple threaded spring perch similar to a nut. More advanced version of adjustable coilovers threaded shock body, with adjustable lower mount for ride height adjustment, while another individual adjustment knob is used to adjust damping. Stiffness of the ride is altered by switching springs for a spring with a higher spring rate.

Coilover style of spring is one of the components in the MacPherson Strut, that uses a design of anti-roll bar as a constraint longitudinally. Types of coilovers include full coilover and slip on coilover. Full BC racing coilovers Canada are matched up in the factory, while slip on coilovers are mostly adjustable springs. Full bodied coilover are what that is in your mind since this paragraph. Full bodied coilovers replace the whole factory system assembly and have a threaded body for easy adjustment of ride height and adjustable damping. Same with slip-fit coilovers, a series of jam nuts is used to adjust the ride height through compressing and decompressing the springs. Higher end coilover shocks have lower bodies and lower mounts to be screwed in and out for further ride height adjustments, effectively shortening the shock without adjustments of the system without sacrificing spring compression. Even higher end systems even includes a shortened shock body, which allow even lower ride height adjustment without bottoming out.

Coilovers upgrade in trucks and race car are often both considered “hard” springs, but they are not even remotely same. For example, off-road’s coilovers upgrade are designed to support the vehicle’s weight, while maintain correct vehicle ride height, keep the tyre in contact with the trail, provide a more comfortable ride for driver and passenger, prevent or reduce damage to chassis from force of impact with obstacles, when jumping and landing the vehicle, and to maintain correct wheel alignment.

Some performance spring supplier offer something called dual rate springs, which means a spring can have two different spring constant, and they include main spring and a  tender spring. These type of springs offer a better comfortability of passenger while the harder spring can be utilized when the vehicle is having increased load, thus having a better stability while cornering.

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